Licensed and Bonded


1)                  What should we wear?

Temperatures in the air are about the same as on the ground.  Dress as if you were going for a walk in the woods.  Remember, early in the morning the ground may be damp, so wear waterproof footwear.  Long pants and a hat are recommended.  Remember to bring your camera.


2)                Are there any age limits?

There is no upper age limit, but ballooning is a sport that requires some agility. You must be able to climb in and out of the basket unassisted.   You must be able to stand for at least one hour.  Children under twelve must have an adult with them and should be tall enough to see over the basket (45”).


3)                  How far ahead should we book a flight?

You should book at least two weeks ahead of time, how ever, the sooner you book the better chance of getting a particular date.  Do call, because sometimes we can put you on standby.


4)                  What happens if it rains or is too windy?

We check with FAA weather the evening before a morning flight or the afternoon before an evening flight.  If it is not possible to fly we will reschedule.  Gentle winds are best for balloon flights.


5)                  Is it quiet in the balloon basket?

Yes, except when the burner is on of course.  You can hear dogs bark and sometimes have a conversation with someone on the ground. 


6)                  What kind fabric is used for the balloon envelope?

Most balloons are made of rip-stop nylon or polyester.  The fabric is lightweight and coated to prevent porosity. 

7)                  What is the basket made of?

Baskets are still made of wicker, its light, flexible, and durable.


8)                  How big is the balloon (envelope)?

Our balloon is 105,000cu ft., and is about as tall as a six story building.


9)                  How long is a flight?

Most flights average about an hour.  However, plan on setting aside 3 hours.  We drive to the launch site, inflate, land, and pack up the balloon, then drive back to the launch site and have a champagne celebration!


10)              How do you steer the balloon?

You don’t, we go where the wind takes us.  We will call FAA weather to get wind directions and air speed so we vary our launch sites to comply with the conditions.  During flight it is possible to adjust directions by finding different wind currents at different altitudes


11)              How do you go up and down?

Add heat to go up—let it cool or vent a little air to go down.


12)              When is the best time to fly?

We usually fly early in the morning, just after sunrise and a few hours before sunset.  Winds are usually gentlest at this time. 


13)              How do you inflate the balloon?

The balloon is inflated with cold air from a fan.  When it is filled out the burner is turned on, the balloon fills with hot air and stands up.  At this time the passengers get in.  We need about 3 to 4 people as crew to set up the balloon.  The whole process takes 15 minutes.


14)              What kind of fuel is used?

Propane, just like in your gas grill.


15)              Do you need a license to fly a balloon?

Yes, the FAA issues a balloon pilot certificate after a written test and flight test.

The balloon itself must undergo a yearly inspection by an FAA certified 











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